06 September 2018

Trifexis Overdose In The Dog.

My small dog ate my larger dog's Trifexis, this is an overdose, is this dangerous? I gave my dog the wrong dose of Trifexis, is there a danger of toxicity? What treatment is necessary? Should I take my dog to an emergency vet?

Trifexis overdose in the dog.

Trifexis is a chewable tablet for dogs which is given monthly. It is a very versatile and useful drug, it acts to prevent heartworm, it also kills fleas and is effective against a number of intestinal tract worms including whipworms.
Trifexis is available in a number of strengths for different weights of dogs and I am often contacted by worried owners who have inadvertently given their dog an overdose, or sometimes a smaller dog grabs a larger dog's pill.

In these situations, my advice is usually as follows. Trifexis is known to have quite a high margin of safety in the dog so serious problems following overdose are very rare in my experience. In fact, I have known dogs take five times the regular dose and be unaffected. Where side effects do occur you may see some degree of mild lethargy and perhaps vomiting over the 24 hour period following ingestion, but most dogs will then recover. There is no particular antidote, just general support as the drug naturally works its way out of the dog's system.

Given the above, where there have been minor overdoses then it is usually safe just to observe your dog and see what happens. But of course, if more serious or unexpected symptoms should occur or if you become further concerned then you should take your dog to a local vet without delay. But with smaller overdoses this would be generally unlikely.