08 November 2017

My Dog Just Ate Chewing Gum.

My dog has just swallowed chewing gum, what should I do now? How worried should I be, is this likely to be harmful, dangerous or toxic to my dog? Does it make a difference if the gum was chewed? Will it hurt my dog if this was sugar free gum? Should I take my dog to the vet? Read below for the answers ...

chewing gum dog danger poison toxicity
Is chewing gum dangerous for dogs?

I sometimes get phone calls or emails from clients whose dogs have swallowed chewing gum, many of these owners are very concerned probably because precisely the same issue seems to be an anxiety for humans who swallow gum. I am glad to say that such anxieties are almost always some form of urban myth, for example the worry that chewing gum may stick to your insides, or it will wind round your heart or even take seven years to digest. They may also have heard of the dangers of sugar free gum in dogs, but more of that below.

Chewing gum consists of a gum base, sweetener, flavouring, preservatives and softeners sugars and flavouring ingredients, and really regular gum which is not a sugar free variety is quite non toxic to dogs. In my experience if they swallow it then it will just harmlessly pass along their digestive tract and pass out the other end, and the same goes for the wrappers. I have seen dogs eat large amounts of regular chewing gum and not suffer any adverse side effects. I suppose it is technically possible for an alimentary tract obstruction to occur where extremely large amounts of gum were consumed, but I have never seen it.

So if your dog has consumed any brand of regular non sugar free variety chewing gum then he or she should be just fine, no need for any special measures, all you need do is just keep an eye your dog.

But lets not be too complacent chewing gum does under certain circumstances present a real and serious threat to dogs, the only situation where this occurs is when the gum contains the artificial sweetener Xylitol which is often found in sugar free chewing gum. For whatever reason the facts are that while Xyitol is harmless to people it is actually highly toxic to dogs.

Dogs that swallow significant amounts of Xylitol can develop a sudden drop in blood sugar which is a highly dangerous and indeed potentially fatal situation. Symptoms can begin in as little as 30 minutes after ingestion and can last hours.

Expected symptoms of Xylitol toxicity in the dog could include lethargy, depression, loss of coordination leading through to seizures and coma then perhaps worse. Basically what you might expect to see when a human has an overdose of insulin. If in doubt get your dog to an ER vet as soon as possible. However my experience is that discarded chewed portions of gum containing xylitol are likely to be very much less dangerous than fresh new sticks.

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