25 October 2017

My Cat Has Lost His Voice Is This Serious?

Where a cat has lost her Meow is rarely a dangerous sort of situation, but what are the causes of this condition? Should you take your cat to the vet right away when they have lost their mew? Can you treat this at home? What treatments will your vet give?

Cat lost voice mew.
My own cat Avatar, nothing wrong with her voice !

Quite a few times over the years I was presented with a cat in my consulting room which looked up at me plaintively, opened her mouth and then went through the motions of meowing, but no sound came out or a best a faint hoarse squeak. While the owners are understandably concerned when their cats suddenly do this the good news is that only a very tiny percentage of these cases ever turn out to be anything sinister or anything to worry about.

The majority of these cases I put down to some kind of throat infection although very often no other symptoms were present to confirm this. It can also occur where a cat has been in strange surroundings such as a boarding cattery for a while and has been vocalising excessively.

Where this has happened to your cat provided he or she is otherwise bright alert and eating then I would just wait a week and see how it goes, in a great many cases the voice will return without any treatment in this period.

Where your cat's voice does not return in a week or if you become further concerned in any way then you should have your local vet check your cat over just to be on the safe side. I usually put such cats on a course of antibiotics, and then the majority of them soon returned to normal. While it is technically possible that serious conditions such as cancer of the throat and vocal cords can occur in the species, this is in fact very rare in cats.