04 January 2016

How Many Grapes Would Be Poisonous To A Dog? What To Do?

What risk is there if my dog has just swallowed grapes? How serious is this ? Is this an emergency? Grape toxicity is a very variable and sometimes serious toxin, some dogs are affected by having eaten a relatively small amount of grapes but other dogs can consume much larger amounts with no ill effects. But before you do anything else you make some simple calculations to get a rough idea how serious the situation is in your particular case. See below :

grapes poisonous toxicity dog
Grapes can be a serious toxin in the dog.

A. I personally assess the risk in the following way if presented with a dog which has just swallowed grapes, this is based on the following assumptions : Studies suggest that the lowest documented toxic dose was between 10 to 12 average sized grapes in a 20 pound dog. This works out at 0.5 grapes per pound of your dog's bodyweight.

Less than this you have nothing to worry about and there is no special measures are needed but more than that you should be concerned.

B. Where a significant amount of grapes has been swallowed then one of the best things you can do in this sort of situation is to make your dog sick immediately and recover the grapes that way, if you can do this within the first hour after ingestion { Two hours at the absolute outside } then things should be fine. For the sake of speed I will give you a link on how to do this best : LINK

If more than two hours has passed and a significant amount of grapes was swallowed then the safest thing to do is to have your dog checked over by an ER vet without delay. There may still be measures which can be taken such as activated charcoal.

C: Further references for symptom etc : http://www.vetblog.net/2012/01/grape-and-raisin-toxicity-in-the-dog..html