11 December 2015

My Dog Ate A Lot Of White Chocolate, What to do?

I guess you are here because your dog has accidentally swallowed what you think might be an overdose of white chocolate. Relax! White chocolate is the least toxic { poisonous } form of chocolate for dogs, your dog should be just fine. But read more below ...

dog white chocolate toxicity
My Dog Ate White Chocolate, What to do?

I know chocolate can be poisonous to dogs, my dog just ate a lot of white chocolate, is this a problem? : Almost certainly not, you see white chocolate is the least toxic form of chocolate for dogs, they have to eat massive amounts of it before any serious symptoms would set in related to toxicity.
If your dog has eaten white chocolate, even quite quite a large amount, then usually there are no special measures you need take other than just keeping an eye on him. { Or her }

There is a formula for this :  A dog of ten pound bodyweight would have to swallow around 25 pounds of white chocolate { 2.5 times his bodyweight in chocolate! } before adverse symptoms would set in. So you see true toxicity to white chocolate ingestion is not really possible in the dog.

Be aware though that while poisoning due to the caffeine and theobromine content of white chocolate is not really possible because of the amounts involved it is still possible that your dog will get a good going bout of vomiting and or diarrhoea purely because of the sudden ingestion of what is a rich and unusual food source for dogs and many dogs have quite weak stomachs, but this is not usually too serious should it occur.

However other forms of chocolate such as milk chocolate or dark semi-sweet chocolate can be a very different matter and serious toxicity is in fact possible depending on the weight of the dog concerned and the amount of chocolate consumed. If you want to read more on the dangers related to these other forms of chocolate you can follow the links below.